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Founded in 1983, the original PassGo company was acquired by AXENT and subsequently AXENT was acquired by Symantec. Following an MBO in August 2001, PassGo Technologies re-established itself as an independent company, focusing on developing and marketing Web access control solutions. PassGo continues to sell Defender, Webthority, PassGo SSO, PassGo InSync, UNIX Privilege Manager (UPM), UNIX Resource Manager (URM) and our OS/390 suite of products (NC-Access, NC-Pass, NC-Syncom, GoPlex, MultSess, NCI).Essential to consistently satisfying our global clients is being responsive to their evolving needs. The scalability and modular nature of PassGo allows clients to implement increasingly robust applications from our suite of access and control solutions. Many have also chosen to implement PassGo in phased stages, beginning with pilot user groups and adding additional users over time. PassGo is not an either/or solution, and it integrates with your existing security and administration applications.
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