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How to Secure Your Containerized Infrastructure on AWS Cloud

Published By: AWS
Published:  Jun 03, 2019


How do you maintain secure systems and operations across an elastic, complex AWS environment? As SailPoint transformed from a startup to a publicly traded company, their AWS infrastructure grew as well. With this growth, SailPoint needed to be able to identify and respond to anomalous behavior quickly, while simultaneously trying to align their organization into a cohesive DevSecOps organization.

Join this webinar to learn how SailPoint gained a holistic view into their cloud infrastructure, plus how you can enable your Security and DevOps teams with in-depth insights into AWS infrastructure to make actionable, data-driven decisions to reduce risk.

Watch to learn

  • How SailPoint architected their elastic, containerized Infrastructure

  • How Threat Stack enables you to differentiate between noise and truly malicious behavior in your AWS environment

  • Steps to leverage the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® and Cloud SecOps Program? to identify and remediate threats to your cloud environment