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Using APIs to build your omnichannel architecture

Published By: MuleSoft
Published:  Sep 09, 2019

Well-designed APIs, created along with a holistic integration strategy with Anypoint Platform, create a seamless omnichannel experience that customers want and businesses need. To deliver a reliable and unified experience more quickly, companies must adopt a new approach that involves an omnichannel architecture.

Across industries from healthcare to banking to retail, MuleSoft is powering omnichannel strategies that result in faster time to market, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.

Watch this webinar, including a demo, to learn how to:

  • Take an API-led approach to omnichannel that enables companies to deliver a unified experience 5x faster
  • Leverage Anypoint Exchange to enable consistency by design through the reuse of integration assets across channels, translating to a consistent experience for your customers
  • Prepare for the future (and future channels) with support for different deployment models with a single, unified platform

Presented by:

John Withers, Product Marketing Manager, MuleSoft
Jimil Patel, Product Marketing Manager, MuleSoft
Manan Sangvi, Solution Consultant, MuleSoft