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Are Managed Futures a Fit for your Portfolio?

Published By: Mirus Futures
Mirus Futures
Published:  Mar 02, 2012

Determine if these alternative investments can help you meet your objectives.
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Managed Futures have become an asset class in their own right, separate from traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.

The advantages of investing in managed futures within a well-balanced portfolio include reduced volatility, the ability to profit regardless of market direction, and global portfolio opportunities.

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Benefits of Managed Futures include:

  • High Performance Potential
  • Opportunity to Enhance Portfolio Returns
  • Potential to Lower Overall Portfolio Risk
  • Opportunity to Profit in Variety of Economic Environments
  • Tax Advantages
  • Transparency
Although futures investments involve substantial risk and are not suitable for everyone, the introduction of managed futures to an investment portfolio can both reduce risk and enhance performance.

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