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Choosing An Options Strategy Guide

Published By: RJO Futures
RJO Futures
Published:  Feb 28, 2012
Length:  19 pages

Many traders turn to options for their leveraging power, limited risk and potential for higher returns.  They can also be a versatile alternative, providing the ability to take advantage of price movements in commodities, foreigbn currencies, stocks and interest rates.

Take your trading plan to the next level in understanding options trading: Determining which options strategy might be best for you.  The Choosing an Options Trading Strategy guide focuses on specific types of common option strategies to help you further understand real uses of options and your potential risk and reward in the market.

This free, must-have guide provides definitions, charts, and examples to help you get started. 

You'll learn:

  • Basic of buying and selling options
  • Commonly-used options strategies
  • How to determine the break-even point
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